worcestershire draft rail investment strategy

14 july 2017

Worcestershire County Council have just published their Draft Rail Investment Strategy and have put it out for public consultation.  The deadline for replies to the consultation is 5 pm on Friday 11 August 2017.

The four major enhancements that the strategy proposes are :-

To support these enhancements, the strategy proposes

While these are admirable enhancements, SLUG would like to see Stourbridge Junction as the terminus for the Paddington services rather than Kidderminster, as it is extensively used by North Worcestershire residents due to the size and price of its car park (i.e. free!).  In addition, the strategy has aspirations to speed up Kidderminster to Birmingham services and SLUG hopes that this will be achieved without any reduction in the current level of service from Kidderminster and Stourbridge Junction.

The Draft Strategy can be viewed by clicking on the button below.  This link also gives you the opportunity to reply to the strategy online.

worcestershire draft rail investment strategy document