1 january 2019

a single brand for west midlands public transport

Anybody using public transport in London will recognise the iconic London Transport roundel which has graced underground stations, bus stops, London street maps, the sides of Underground and Overground trains, and the sides of buses over the years since 1907 when it was first designed.  In addition, the red London bus is recognised worldwide as a symbol of London.  Now, over a century later, the West Midlands has introduced its own distinctive logo which will be used on trains, trams and buses.  Here in the West Midlands, the logo will be a hexagon, made up of individual triangles and diamonds, with the central diamond indicating the mode of transport - orange for rail, blue for tram and red for bus.  

The train livery for West Midlands Railway is currently being finalised but will be orange and purple, and it is hoped that the first units will be repainted into the new livery from August.

On 24 June, the Midland Metro, previously operated by National Express West Midlands, will be taken over by Transport for West Midlands and trams will be repainted from the current pink and white into a two-tone blue livery over the next year or so.  From the same date, it will be known as the West Midlands Metro.

It is intended that buses operated by all companies will be repainted from the individual company colours into a corporate two-tone red livery.

Finally, there has been a lot of confusion between the names West Midlands Trains (WMT), West Midlands Railway (WMR) and West Midlands Rail (WMR).  To reduce confusion, West Midlands Rail (the consortium of 16 local authorities) will be renamed West Midlands Rail Executive (WMRE) and will adopt a turquoise logo in the same style as the other three logos.