slug response to west midlands and chiltern route study

The Stourbridge Line User Group has been heavily involved with producing a response to the West Midlands and Chiltern Route Study consultation document.  The route study takes a 2043 view of the world and asks how this would fit on the current infrastructure, including the impact on level crossings and station capacity.  Its scope does not include reopened lines or new stations.  Stakeholders were asked to respond with comments regarding proposals for their own local routes.   

Preparation for the SLUG response has involved attendance at a liaison event in Centro House in Birmingham.  Other stakeholders at this meeting, and other meetings across the area, have included fraternal Rail User Groups, Centro officers and Worcestershire County Councillors.  

To view the SLUG response to the consultation, please click on the button below.

25 september 2016

route study consultation - slug response document