22 september 2019

a little bit overcrowded

Concern about overcrowding at certain times of the day on the Stourbridge Town shuttle led to SLUG organising a meeting, kindly hosted by the Assistant Principal at King Edward VI College, which also involved West Midlands Railway and Pre Metro Operations (who operate the Town Branch Shuttle).  Major congestion occurs just after 4 pm when the college students descend on Stourbridge Town station to travel home and the meeting sought to find solutions to this problem.  As a result, actions have been identified and a follow-up meeting will be organised.

The following photographs were taken over a 25 minute period on Tuesday 10 September and demonstrate how overcrowded the station gets at this time.  

The advance guard of about 15 students has

arrived at Stourbridge Town as the 1555

service from Stourbridge Junction arrives.

About 40 people alight from the 1555 service

from Stourbridge Junction, the majority being

from the school at Hagley.

The number of students waiting for the service has greatly increased with the queue back to the path as

the 1605 service from Stourbridge Junction arrives.

Passengers alighting from the 1605 service from Stourbridge Junction have to walk single file along

the edge of the platform past the queue of students.

As the students move forward to board the train,

the gentleman in the green top is inching his way

sideways along the edge of the platform to get out.

As the 1610 service from Stourbridge Town departs,

full and standing, a large number of intending

travellers wait for the next service.

The queue of students already stretches back

alongthe entrance path 5 minutes before the next

train is due to depart.

The 1615 service from Stourbridge Junction arrives.  The queue to board is still long although about 12 students decided to walk to the Junction.

There is hardly any room for the passengers

alighting from the 1615 service to squeeze along

the platform towards the exit.

Alighting passengers squeeze past the students

waiting to board and are perilously close to the

platform edge as they walk to the exit.

As the last few passengers alight, about 50

students squeeze aboard the 1620 departure

from Stourbridge Town.

The 1620 service from Stourbridge Town departs

with about 50 people on board (21 seated) while

a similar number wait for the next service.