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New WM Franchise

15 november 2017

SLUG website wins national award as the best Rail User Group website

5 october 2017

Chiltern Railways to operate new through services to London from 10 December

20 september 2017

Funding for the Dudley VLR Project Gets The Green Light

New Year of Change

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The scope of news coverage will be any matter relating to Stourbridge Line stations, trains and performance and also bus links to the line. We will comment on events and developments and offer constructive criticism where appropriate.

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New West Midlands Franchise - Latest News

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news archive

An Archive of all other News Items posted on this site since 2009

1 january 2017

A Year of Development, A New Year of Change

(Press Release)

5 april 2017

Kidderminster Station Improvements - Progress Report

12 april 2017

How to win friends and influence people … NOT!

13 july 2017

Kidderminster Station Improvement Plans displayed to public

14 july 2017

Worcestershire Draft Rail Investment Strategy