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Prime Minister "promises" £9.6bn Investment in Midlands Transport Improvements
In his speech to the Conservative Party Conference on 4 October, in which he announced the cancellation of phase 2 of HS2 between Birmingham and Manchester, the Prime Minister made promises to divert £9.6 billion of the funds saved by the cancellation into local rail projects.  Most of the promises are vague and lack a time scale.  In addition, none of the promises are costed and we must ask what will happen after the 2024 General Election.

However, if the promises actually come to fruition, how will they affect passengers in our area.
The major promise is that Midlands Rail Hub will be delivered in full.  For the uninitiated, Midlands Rail Hub consists of the following 13 engineering upgrades (N.B. hover cursor above scrolling line to temporarily pause it).
Bordesley West Chord allowing access to Birmingham Moor Street from South-West and Wales
Bordesley East Chord allowing access to Birmingham Moor Street from the East Midlands
Reinstatement of Birmingham Snow Hill platform 4
Reinstatement of Birmingham Moor Street platform 5
New platforms A and B on the east side of Moor Street station
Bordesley viaduct widening
Improvements around Kings Norton-Barnt Green
Improvements to Stoke Works junction
A Malvern Wells turnback facility
Ledbury – Shelwick partial double-tracking
Water Orton remodelling
Nuneaton to Wigston signalling headways
Freight loops between Nuneaton and Leicester

Of the above, only the reinstatement of platform 4 at Snow Hill benefits the Stourbridge line.  The additional three platforms at Moor Street will be terminal platforms for services using the new Bordesley Chords  while Stourbridge line services will continue to use through platforms 1 and 2.
What is apparent is that the Midlands Rail Hub claims to allow additional services between Birmingham and Hereford.  That cannot be achieved unless the infrastructure and signalling in the Worcester area are upgraded.  This would benefit Stourbridge line passengers but, unfortunately, it is not included in the Prime Minister's promises.

The other item that could benefit the Stourbridge area is the promise to uplift the West Midlands mayoral budget by over £1 billion.  The document states that this could deal with ongoing Metro cost pressures, with the implication that the extension of the Metro line from Dudley to Brierley Hill would be funded.  SLUG feels that the additional funding should also be used to close the gap between Brierley Hill and Stourbridge.
There are also aspirations in the West Midlands Rail Executive and Worcestershire County Council Rail Investment Strategies that would benefit the Stourbridge line.  They include electrification of the Snow Hill lines from Stratford-upon-Avon to Worcester, the introduction of through services between Stourbridge Junction and London Paddington via Worcester, and the improvement of Sunday services along the line.  SLUG will continue to campaign for these improvements.  We hope that these have not been shunted into a siding by one man's desperation to appease the North of England by throwing the majority of the money in their direction.

The full Department for Transport document covering all regions is entitled "Network North - Transforming British Transport" and may be viewed by clicking on the link below.
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