chiltern’s journey alerts

For users of Chiltern Railways, whether regularly or occasionally, there’s a service you may not know about - it’s personal and free!

JourneyCheck Alerts tell you if the train you plan to use, or meet, is likely to be disrupted. For example, if there’s a cow on the line and trains have been halted, the JourneyCheck system sends you a message to warn you.  JourneyCheck will also update you when a line of route incident is resolved.

Alert messages are usually sent by email, or as well as if you wish, you can opt for text messages to be sent.  Unlike emails, texts are limited to four.

To set up personalised alerts, go to the new Chiltern Railways website (

On the Home page, just under “Are you travelling today?”, click “Check for travel alerts”.

This will take you to the Journeycheck page – you can register for alerts in the “JourneyCheck Alerts” section (bottom left on a full web page).  You just need to fill in your email and password and then follow the instructions.

Please note that alerts will only be provided for services operated by Chiltern Railways.  Messages are sent following the manual involvement of the Chiltern Control Team, so single incidents of minor late running are unlikely to be reported.

31 january 2018