slug response to cross country rail franchise consultation

The Department for Transport has conducted a public consultation on the next Cross Country rail franchise which is due to start in autumn 2019. Even though the Stourbridge line is not served by Cross Country services on a regular basis, it is sometimes used as a diversionary route when the main line via the Lickey Incline is closed.  In addition, the Cross Country network is centred on Birmingham and operates on routes adjacent to the Stourbridge line.  For this reason, the Stourbridge Line User Group produced a limited response to the consultation, concentrating solely on the parts of the Cross Country network in the Midlands area.  It has also advised any SLUG members who regularly use CrossCountry services to respond personally to the consultation.

The full SLUG response may be read by clicking on the button below.

31 august 2018

cross country rail franchise consultation - slug response document