Stourbridge Line User Group are invited to respond to a number of stakeholder consultations.  These consultations, by both railway companies and local transport authorities, seek our opinions on proposals for future developments in the rail industry.

All Stourbridge Line User Group responses to these consultations will be posted on this page.  Click on the appropriate photograph below to open the pdf SLUG response document.

31 august 2018

SLUG Response to Cross Country Rail Franchise Consultation

Cross Country Franchise GWR Franchise

18 february 2018

SLUG Response to Great Western Franchise Consultation

WRIS Response

10 august 2017

SLUG Response to Worcestershire Rail Investment Strategy Consultation

Route Study

25 september 2016

SLUG Response to West Midlands and Chiltern Route Study

West Midlands Franchise

25 march 2016

SLUG Response to West Midlands Rail Consultation

25 june 2017

SLUG Response to West Midlands Combined Authority “Movement for Growth” Consultation

Movement for Growth


26 february 2019

SLUG Response to West Midlands Rail Executive Rail Investment Strategy