“Furthermore, Stourbridge Line stations are badly in need of a makeover and we must push for West Midlands Railways’ commitment to repaint and deep clean every one of its stations to be ordered by need, pointing out the tiredness of some of ours such as Galton Bridge - and attention to the canopy ends at Stourbridge Junction.”

He concluded:-

“SLUG has recently received a national award for “Best Website” from the Rail Development Society, now known as Railfuture.  This demonstrates that we are effective in getting our messages across: We highlight the problems with the rail network and sort them out with the authorities.  The past year has seen a steady increase in new members.  It is no coincidence that successful campaigns have influenced recruitment and with growing membership numbers, the Stourbridge Line User Group will be a force to be reckoned with in 2018.”

a force to be reckoned with

The following is a press release issued by Stourbridge Line User Group.

A local rail campaign group is reflecting on its success in 2017.  The Stourbridge Line User Group (SLUG) is celebrating the fruition of long standing ambitions for the railway which it represents.  The Group has established a good working relationship with the new franchise holder, West Midland Trains (who operate under the brand name West Midlands Railway) and the policy maker, West Midlands Rail.

SLUG Chairman, William Whiting was quoted as saying:-

“There have been dramatic developments such as West Midlands Railway and West Midlands Rail making a commitment to a passenger rail link from Stourbridge to Brierley Hill.  Also Chiltern Railways have introduced weekend services to and from London Marylebone.  However, as a campaign group, we must not be complacent when so much more is needed by the new generation of passengers.”

He added:-

“We must put pressure on West Midlands Rail and West Midlands Railway to see the draft December 2018 timetable as soon as possible to ensure Sunday trains at Hartlebury are included.  Hartlebury, another SLUG success story, has had an annual footfall growth averaging 17.8% over the last five years, which is probably the highest of any West Midlands station.”

“We must also prompt the train operator to commit the new GOBLIN 172 train units to the Stourbridge Line to strengthen popular services.”

7 january 2018